When it comes to weddings, I strive to create an emotional portrayal of your day. Each wedding is special and unique,
and it’s the people involved that make it so.  I want to immortalize the unique story of your love,
including the quiet moments, the loud moments, and everything in between.
I am inspired by the beauty of nature, and getting to capture incredible moments in stunning locations.
I love off-beat, unique couples with a sense of adventure, a deep love for one another,
and who aren’t afraid to get their feet, or their dress,a little dirty in the name of beautiful art.
If this sounds like you, I’d love to chat!

I like to consider myself a very positive person, and I love finding the small joys in life.
The sound of wind chimes on the morning breeze, the smell of freshly cut grass in the summer,
or of a just blown out match.  Being barefoot in the grass and on hardwood floors, walks through the forest and
the sound of rain on the canopy of leaves above.  The last rays of sunlight creating magic from the floating dust,
spring time, sun showers and canoe rides on still and quiet lakes. A warm cup of tea and a good book,
learning a new song on the ukelele or guitar.
And perhaps most of all – love and adventure!
Those are my favourites!